Cardiology EForms Platform

The legacy system used to record patient cardiology events and provide administrative support at a major London Trust was proving expensive to operate and the decision was taken to cease the licensing arrangements. Although there is an intention to provide the functionality within the newly deployed EPR the Trust realised that there would be a considerable period without the required digital support so an interim solution was sought.

The Trust approached IGspectrum who were provided with details of the legacy system along with some new requirements. The request was for a secure, cloud hosted web application to improve clinical and administrative management through a comprehensive set of cardiology eForms and managed workflows in the following areas: 

  1. Cardiac Psychology 
  2. Cardiac Rehabilitation 
  3. Cardiology Community Clinic 
  4. Heart Failure Clinic 
  5. MDT Valvular Heart Disease 
  6. Metabolic Clinic 
  7. Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic 

Letter generation to patients and GPs was included as well as outputs to national registries to assess CV epidemiology, diagnostic/therapeutic processes, and adherence to guidelines. 

The new platform is now live and incorporates the following key features: 

  • comprehensive role-based access control 
  • effective using both static and mobile devices 
  • patient pathway tracking data sharing through approval, alerting and broadcasting functionality 
  • automated workflow and approval processes 
  • encrypted database for secure online accesses 
  • functionality provided for personalised use of the service 
  • links available to EPR, Document Management and Data Warehouse systems 

For more information on how the Cardiology eForms platform could work for your trust please contact us and we will assist you in initiating discussions with the sponsoring Trust. 



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