Liver Transplant Tracking Portal

The Hepatology team at a major London Trust were using MS-Access to manage donors and pre and post-operative data on Liver Transplant patients that could not be held in the Trust’s EPR. 

As part of the Trust’s strategy to migrate local systems onto secure industry  platforms, IGspectrum were approached to deliver a secure, cloud hosted web application incorporating similar data and features to the local MS-Access system.  

The initial delivery was welcomed by the Hepatology department however it quickly became apparent that the new application was a catalyst for a significant number of enhancements, refinements and new reports which were then deployed within the application as part of a subsequent delivery. 

The resultant application has significantly improved data capture, data sharing and communication within the department and has enhanced donor management and patient care. 

The new platform is now live and incorporates the following key features: 

  • role-based access control with over 10 clinician and healthcare roles pre-defined supporting data capture and sharing across the department 
  • donor profiles and patient pathway tracking pre- and post-transplant including those with multiple transplant history 
  • approval, alerting and broadcasting functionality 
  • automatic population of patient information and blood test results
  • capture of demographic data from the National Personal Demographic Service (PDS) 
  • comprehensive dashboard providing sort and filter capabilities  

For more information on how the Liver Transplant Tracking portal can support your Hepatology Department please contact us and we will assist you in initiating discussions with the sponsoring Trust. 


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