This service provides full workflow support and management of all aspects of the patient episode for private patients.


The Private Patients unit receive automated notifications of enquiries and can then request the secure transfer of patient records from referrers who are often in other countries. This fully- functional service includes full episode management, clinician allocation and management, appointment selection and finally the secure transmission of any reports or updated records back to the referrer.


The system has been security assured under the Cabinet Office Risk Management and Accreditation Document (RMAD) process.




  • Automatic management of referrals, appointments, patients, episodes and clinicians
  • Safe and secure transfer of medical and other records
  • Full workflow coverage
  • Links to invoicing systems are provided
  • A full history of all patient episodes is maintained




  • Complete patient history aids effective clinical management of the patient
  • Referrers able to maintain fully accurate patient record
  • Invoices are accurate and produced in a timely fashion

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