The service is designed to improve the efficiency of HPB Multi-Discipline-Teams by ensuring that submissions/referrals contain all the necessary information for a successful MDT review.


The service supports the MDT administration process by greatly reducing unnecessary email exchanges with referrers and provides overview, alerting and tracking capabilities, via a dashboard, of all new and outstanding submissions.


The new service allows the MDT to be totally managed from within the portal with only the IEP imaging being external. The mandatory fields will significantly reduce the number of requests ‘rolled over’ due to missing information.


The portal will include an interface to the Personal Demographic Service (PDS) to allow auto-filling of the request form based on combinations of NHS Number, First Name, Last Name and DOB.




  • Patients are sent an email or text providing login details
  • Patients can securely access their individual care plan
  • Service facilitates management of patients
  • Manages telephone and physical appointments
  • Patient reminders and alerts are included
  • Care plan can be tailored to specific requirements
  • Automatic rescheduling to tests based on care plan requirements




  • Patient access through any web browser from their own device
  • Patients more likely to understand and adhere to recommended treatment
  • Mutual collaboration can foster patient satisfaction and improve healthcare outcomes
  • Sharing access with third parties ensures details are not mis-interpreted
  • Evidences decisions, clinical findings, progress and investigations
  • Evidences dates, results, consent, and referrals
  • Patient administration automated with dashboards for nurses and clinicians
  • Cost effective                                                                                   

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