This secure, web-based application provides patients with the ability to playback their hospital consultations, so that they may hear, share with relatives and understand what was originally said.  It also allows the consultant to transcribe key information directly into GP letters that can then be sent to the consultant’s secretary for formatting and onward delivery.


The Patient Consultation Recording (PCR) service has been developed to enable patients to listen on demand to their consultations.  Independent research tells us that most patients forget much of what is said during medical consultations, particularly if bad news is given.


The PCR service enables patients, along with friends and family, to re-listen to what was said. The recordings enable good advice such as lifestyle changes to be reinforced in the security of the patient’s own home.


Patients need to hear what was said in context but current outpatient conditions are not conducive to this. Thus, this service is an add-on to current practice that will improve patient experience and potentially clinical outcomes.




  • A patient consent routine authorises the recording process
  • Consultations are recorded via the consultation room computer
  • Data is securely transferred to the online service
  • Patients are sent an email or text providing login details
  • Patients can securely access their consultation recording through any web browser
  • Patient authorised third parties (e.g. friends & family) can have access to the recording
  • Consultants may also access the sound recordings




  • Patients more likely to understand and adhere to recommended treatment
  • Mutual collaboration can foster patient satisfaction and improve healthcare outcomes
  • Sharing access with third parties ensures details are not mis-interpreted
  • Evidences: decisions, findings, progress, investigations, dates, results, consent, and referrals
  • Cost effective


Added benefits to the trust


  • Patient Experience: This is improved with the recording enhancing the overall quality of consultations.
  • Litigation: 20% of all litigation is based on what was allegedly said during the consultation. The PCR service removes any uncertainty, saving time and money.
  • Data Protection: If the Trust owns the recording, the Trust owns the copyright.


Patient Testimonials


  • It is a great improvement regarding medical reporting.
  • An excellent and very clear recording with no problems at all.
  • Easy to access and nice that you can always refer back to it.
  • I have listened with my wife and it was very useful to keep her informed.
  • Often important details can’t be remembered when anxiety is attached to results.
  • Useful in allowing me to listen back to the complete interaction.
  • …the prime function of this is actually amazing. Whereas my mother for example can’t remember half the things that are said to her when she is seeing a doctor, this would truly be beneficial for her.
  • …over time, years or decades, it would be really good to refer back to information stored about me.
  • …this would also help a lot where people think they heard something in the room, go down the google path and disrupt their understanding.
  • …this is really simple, effective and helpful for use.
  • …one further and very significant effect of being able to listen to your diagnosis whenever I need to, is that it has proved an invaluable tool in reinforcing my intention to remain abstinent. A diagnosis which can be very shocking at first tends to lose much of its impact with the passage of time.  Especially when I have no symptoms and memory becomes blurry as I am forced to stick with difficult lifestyle changes.  I listen to the interview regularly and, somehow yet more impactful in my own home than in a hospital environment, it reminds me each time of the seriousness of my situation-that it is very real and ongoing.  This has been very motivating in remaining abstinent.  Thank you again for the recording.
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