The service supports the management of on-going Pulmonary Hypertension treatment at home.


Patient test results are automatically loaded from the Patient Record system, supplemented by manual additions where necessary (e.g. FBC and Liver Function) and signed off by clinicians.


Alerts are raised automatically when monthly results are abnormal or late.




  • Single source shared by clinicians and nurses
  • Auto triggering of alerts when results thresholds are exceeded
  • Results available at a glance
  • History of all results and alerts available
  • Results sent securely to a patient’s email with appropriate safeguards CHANGE HERE
  • No need for paper, letters, envelopes and stamps




  • Medical staff have an identical view of patient data
  • Timely alerts and patient/clinician less likely to miss an action
  • Results unlikely to be missed
  • Historical view provides complete patient picture
  • Faster communication between centre and patient
  • Reduced communication costs between centre and patient


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