A complete solution to your paperless objectives. All documents, including those containing patient information which are not suitable for storing in your PAS or EPR can be managed here.


We offer collection, scanning, storage, destruction but uniquely all the documents are available to be viewed by our eDocs service. Small volumes of documents can also be loaded by users directly to the platform. Already in use at several hospitals this solution is hugely cost-effective when compared to other document management solutions.




  • Forms include: --
    • MDT meeting workflow
    • Transfer of Care Forms (Section 2 & 5)
    • Patient Family History Form
  • Effective using both static and mobile devices
  • Enables sharing through approval, alerting and broadcasting functionality
  • Supports navigation and image management functions
  • Automated workflow and approval process for the recording of outcomes
  • Different levels of user access to submit and view data
  • Encrypted database for secure online submissions and access




  • Automation and digitisation of forms quickly and cost-effectively
  • Data accuracy increased through on-line validation
  • No software installation required
  • Service complies with the NHS Data Security & Protection requirements
  • Access to the service through any internet-enabled device
  • Hosted securely at an ISO27001 accredited facility
  • Simple e-form creation process
  • Rapid deployment of new forms
  • Flexible access using any internet-enabled device

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