Our unique portal provides a single web-based repository where all reference documents e.g. Information sharing frameworks, protocols, agreements can be held.


It will enable a record and evidence to be shared on Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Risk Assessments and signoffs by both Caldicott Guardians and DPOs. The service provides automatic alerts when agreements are shortly to expire to ensure that an organisation is operating within the relevant laws and directives. A key feature is the ability to manage multi-agency agreements.




  • Single repository for information sharing frameworks and protocols, agreements, templates
  • Automatic alerts prior to expiry
  • Portal controlled opening to the general public for document sharing
  • Single view of all agreements
  • Multi-agency information sharing agreement templates available
  • Sign-off can be achieved inside the portal
  • Administrator and user access




  • Easy review and management of all agreements
  • Agreements recorded by partner organisation
  • Solves protracted issues around capturing signatures/approvals
  • Tiered security access enables sharing inside and outside the NHS
  • Optional existing templates encourage rapid acceptance and implementation
  • Cost effective

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